Green Screen Magic

Choosing a good theme for for your background.

Are you looking for a unique way to engage

people at your next product launch, corporate training,or wedding?

When you plan a party, it is a fun idea to choose a theme that makes your party stand out.

Maybe you’re having a party for a special sporting event, a holiday, a birthday or a reception, and want to choose a theme to fit your event. iSnap Selfie Entertainment can provide the perfect background for you.



What makes the green screen magical?

The green screen is a virtual reality, that allow us to go places

and be with people we only imagine, in our dreams.

It is ever so popular because the green screens creativity is limitless, making creating unique backgrounds a breeze.

This will take the experience to another level, by enabling you and your guest to be magically transposed to the background of their choice.

The green screen physically takes the place of a standard white backdrop or curtain, whisking them into another world.

The images are endless. Just think about it, Beautiful landscapes and beaches anywhere in the world.

Feel like you are posing with the celebrity you’ve always wish you could, or being in your favorite movie scene or cartoon.


Does what I wear make a difference?

Sometimes your guess will come wearing their favorite color, Green.

Those faux pas will happen and sometimes they tend to work well, if your guest has a good sense of humor,

and doesn’t mind looking like the invisible man or woman.

So far, the clients we have served, have all enjoyed the invisible look.

Once they post the photos to their social media page, they get a kick out of the responses from their followers.

FYI, if you are going to an event with a photo booth that will be having a green screen,

you may want to consider your wardrobe choice.


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