How Photo Booths Are Changing The Event Experience

Changing the event experienceWe live in an iSnap world. Every second, thousands of photos are being uploaded to Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. People want to create their own “real life experience” and they want to share these unique and fun moments with their friends and family online.


So it’s no surprise that photo booths are changing the event experience with trade shows, corporate parties, and even outdoor events. If you want to keep up, you need to provide the personalized, photo booth friendly capabilities that people like.


Here’s why you should use a photo booth to stay relevant in the world of social media.

It’s not enough to provide old fashioned photo booths, though. If you want the experience to feel relevant, you need to think beyond just printed photos. Successful photo booths feature embedded social media applications within them, allowing guest to email the photo to any of their social media sites, or print on the spot. Other ways that our photo booth provides a “wow” factory is through looping videos, GIFs, and fun filters that can also be posted via social media or text to their phone.Changing the event experience

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